Environmentally friendly cavity protection

Environmentally friendly cavity protection with nitrogen as a propellant. Now, Kungsbacka based company Auson launching a completely solvent-free cavity protection product in a convenient spray can. This anti-rust agent known as Noxudol 720 can now be used indoors without the need for special ventilation.

Noxudol 720 is the latest solvent-free product from Auson and is widely used in the automotive industry to prevent cavity corrosion in all sorts of vehicles. One of the major advantages of this new spray can is its environmentally friendly nitrogen propellant, allowing outdoor usage whilst avoiding the risk to hazardous substances and potential inflammables. The product is specially customized for auto repair shops, industrial zones, do-it-yourself users and generally all areas requiring stronger resistance to corrosion. 

Better and safer working

Noxudol 720 is an environmentally friendly product which does not contain any ignitable aerosol solvents or propellants. Therefore, it works excellently on rust proof constructions and car parts before being welded. Auson takes great pride in ensuring that their products keep consistently up-to-date with the ever increasing demands for environmentally friendly corrosion deterrents. The company’s product range for corrosion protection includes numerous solvent-free and water based products, designed to fit the automotive industry and aftermarket. Noxudol 720 is sold to the industry, garages and is also available in most car accessory shops.


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